Does Your Succulent Need a Bigger Pot? Here’s How To Tell!

Succulents are popular among amateur gardeners not just for their eye-catching appearance but also for the minimal care they require.

Although succulents require little attention once established, it doesn’t imply you should forget about them. 

The care of a succulent goes beyond just making sure it has enough water and sunlight. The succulent under your care will need to be repotted at some point to provide it with a suitable environment in which to flourish.

If you’re not sure if your succulent needs a new pot, here are four situations in which it probably does:

Roots Clogging Drain Hole

Have you seen white roots clogging the drainage holes of your succulent container when you flip it over? If this sounds like you, it’s time to repot your succulents. Experiencing pot instability because of roots growing through the drainage holes? It’s time to repot! 

For succulents that will be housed together in a single pot, it is recommended that you allow at least 1/2 inch of space between each plant and the container’s edge while selecting its new home. Though you should give your succulent some room to breathe, a too-large pot might actually stunt its development. 

Choose one with holes in the bottom for water to flow out. You should drill a few holes into the base if there aren’t any already there. A layer of stones in the bottom of your pot, such as our Hydro stones, is another excellent drainage option if you don’t want to drill holes in your pots.

The Soil Quickly Dries Out

Have you found that after watering your succulent, the soil quickly dries out? It’s time to repot your succulent because the old potting material is no longer suitable for it. Although succulents benefit from well-drained soil, the soil must also be moist for long enough to allow the plants’ roots to make use of the moisture. If you need to repot your succulents because of inadequate soil, use a potting media that will promote healthy growth. It is recommended to mix succulent soil with perlite at a ratio of 1:1, which can be found at any decent garden center.

Succulent Leaning or Falling Over

Your beloved succulents need to be repotted if they are leaning or falling over. This, however, does not need the purchase of a larger cooking vessel. Some species of succulents are able to produce relatively shallow root systems while yet reaching considerable heights. Thus, your succulent’s roots might be content in their current container, but the top is too hefty for it, necessitating repotting. In this case, a heavier pot is preferable over a larger one. Use a thick clay container or large stones in the bottom of a lighter pot to prevent your succulents from toppling over during repotting.

Succulents Look Unhealthy

Is your succulent losing its once plump and lush leaves? Are they shriveling, yellowing, or becoming soft? Succulents showing any of these symptoms indicate that it is time to investigate the cause of the problem and maybe repot the plants. Assuming you’re already taking care of your succulent’s water and light needs, the next suspects are pests, diseases, and decay. If the leaves of your succulent are healthy, you may proceed to check out the roots. If you discover unhealthy roots, trim them back until the plant seems healthy again. The next step is to replant your succulent into a new, sterile container. In a few days after being repotted, your succulent should be back to its old self.

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