Best Succulent Plants for Offices – Low Light Thrivers

There are several benefits to having succulents and plants at your workplace. They brighten the environment, are pleasing to the eye, and give positive energy to your workplace. However, if you work at a desk that isn’t near a window, not all succulents will flourish. In this piece, I’ll go through my top favorite succulents for workplaces, including low-light succulents.

Is it possible to grow succulents in an office?

Is it possible to grow succulents in an office? Yes, of course! Succulents are known for their little care and ability to grow in almost any environment. If your workplace is in a brilliantly lighted location with enough of natural light, succulents may grow in an office with proper maintenance.

Most plants want a great deal of care and attention, particularly when it comes to watering. Working at an office may be hectic, and before you know it, it’s 5 p.m. and you’re on your way out the door! Succulents are ideal for office desks because of this. Although you shouldn’t neglect them totally, they can withstand a skipped watering or two, and certain succulent varieties may even thrive in low light.

Succulents for the Office

Succulents on your desk are a terrific way to brighten up your workspace, so let’s start with six of the greatest succulents for workplaces. Keep in mind that they will operate best in a BRIGHT environment with plenty of natural light, which is great if your workstation is near a window. With no more windows, we’ll be talking about succulents for the workplace!

Jade Plant Crassula Ovata

The Crassula Ovata, often known as the jade plant, money tree, or fortunate plant, is one of the best succulents for workplaces. The crassula will not only offer you a lot of luck for your office adventures, but it can also live in almost any light.

A jade plant, bright green in color and with thick curled leaves, can certainly bring that wow factor to the otherwise mundane workplace setting. The hobbit jade is an ideal desk succulent. It may grow up to 3 feet tall when fully grown and requires minimal care.

This succulent will grow at your workplace if it is planted in a container with drainage holes, has well-draining soil, and is put in a bright sunny area.

If you already have a crassula and your jade plant is shedding leaves, it might be due to a variety of factors like underwatering, overwatering, inadequate light, temperature changes, or pests!

‘Hens and Chicks’ Sempervivum

Because of the offsets the plant produces, Sempervivum is also known as Hens and Chicks. Although they can live in low light, they prefer to operate in a highly illuminated environment.

These resilient succulents are characterized by their lovely rosettes and are tiny in size. This succulent type comes in a variety of lovely colors, including green, red, and yellow, and is guaranteed to give a little life to your papers and desktop.

Because of its durability, it is perhaps one of the finest succulents for workplaces. Sempervivum plants are known for being low-maintenance and drought-resistant, so a few missed waterings won’t hurt this desk plant. They’re so simple to care for that they’re also known as the lazy gardener’s plant!

Hens and Chicks is a monocarpic succulent, meaning it only blooms once before dying. However, because of the large number of offsets produced by the plants, it is one of the simplest to propagate – your workplace will be brimming with gorgeous succulents in no time!

Kerri ‘Sweetheart’ Hoya

So, I’m guessing your workplace is full of bookcases, file cabinets, and shelving that might use a splash of color? The gorgeous sweetheart plant has to be the ideal hanging succulent for your workplace.

The broad, green heart-shaped leaves give the plant its name. It’s a trailing plant, so it’s ideal for putting on an empty shelf or on top of that file cabinet you’re sick of sorting! The leaves can reach a width of 2.5 inches and a thickness of a quarter of an inch.

Hoya Kerri is one of the finest succulents for workplaces since it requires very little upkeep. It should be able to blossom as long as it is potted in well-draining soil. Repotting is frequently required, and it may be left without water for lengthy periods of time without harm.

Christmas Cactus

A holiday favorite and a great way to brighten up your workspace. One of my favorite cacti is the Christmas cactus, which is not to be mistaken for the Thanksgiving or Easter cactus.

Due to its lighting needs, this succulent is one of the finest succulents for workplaces. The Christmas cactus, although classified in the desk plant category, which works best for light, is kind of in the center. The reason for this is that your plant has to be in 12 hours of darkness every day for 3-4 weeks before blossoming. This promotes a lot of flowering.

The Christmas cactus, on the other hand, flourishes best in a highly lighted, indirect region of the sun once this season has passed.

If properly cared for, the Christmas cactus may thrive for many years and even be passed down through generations! This is a fantastic succulent that will go with you on whatever business trip you take and would look great in any workplace.


Another succulent plant that is ideal for workplaces is the kalanchoe. There are so many different Kalanchoe varieties that would look great next to one other on your desk. Kalanchoe Paddle and Panda are two low-maintenance varieties that would look great on any desk.

This is a succulent that has to be kept in a well-illuminated environment. If your workstation is near a window, it will work nicely. However, avoid placing the leaves in full sunlight or on a south-facing window sill since they may become sunburned,

One of the greatest succulents for terrariums is kalanchoe. These seem like small rainforests in a glass container, and they’d be a great addition to any office. The wonderful tiny world will bring a touch of greenery to your workspace and may be used as desk plants or hanging d├ęcor.

‘Dwarf Century Plant’ Agave Desmettiana

Dwarf century plant, variegated smooth agave, dwarf variegated agave, or golden moments are all names for Agave desmettiana. This fast-growing succulent is easy to care for and would look fantastic in any workplace environment.

The dwarf century plant is ideally put in an open part of your offices, such as the reception or breakout area, due to its rapid growth. The leaves are a stunning blue-green with golden-yellow borders. It’s the ideal office plant for creative environments.

Agave desmettiana grows up to 2-3 feet tall and requires strong illumination to thrive. This is one of my favorite items to have in the reception area since it brightens the space and is lovely to look at.

Succulents For Offices With Little Light

What are the finest succulents for workplaces with no windows, this is a question I’m frequently asked. They’re the ideal low-light succulents for workplaces, in other words! The majority of succulents prefer well-illuminated sunny locations. The succulents listed below, on the other hand, will thrive in low light.

‘Snake Plant’ Dracaena Trifasciata

The dracaena trifasciata, sometimes known as the snake plant because of its long, snake-like leaves, is perhaps my favorite succulent kind. Snake plants are one of the greatest low light succulents for workplaces because of their bright green hue and golden borders. Mother-in-tongue laws is another name for these plants.

They are simple to maintain, requiring only intermittent watering. Snake plants come in a variety of sizes, so whether you’re looking for a little desk plant or a large statement plant for your workplace, a snake plant is perfect.

This drought-resistant, low-light succulent was made to withstand the fast-paced office lifestyle when you barely have 10 minutes to have lunch, let alone water all of your plants.

‘Zebra Plant’ Haworthia Fasciata

Haworthia fasciata is another great low-light office plant. Because of its distinctive striped leaves, this succulent is often known as a zebra plant.

Because it’s a little succulent, it’s a great desk plant for individuals who don’t have access to a window. A zebra plant grows to be around 4 inches tall and looks similar to an Aloe plant. The horizontal white stripes on a zebra plant are its most distinguishing feature.

Although this succulent enjoys bright light, it may thrive in low-light situations as well.

Cactus with Mistletoe

Desert plants include succulents and cactus. The Mistletoe Cactus, on the other hand, is a tropical succulent that grows in rainforests. This is a popular indoor houseplant that is very easy to care for all over the world.

The mistletoe cactus doesn’t mind low lighting, so it’s ideal for an office. They don’t require much fertilization, only a little watering in the winter, and are simple to reproduce.

This succulent, which grows hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones 9-10, will benefit from a saucer filled with pebbles and water to replicate the same humidity as the tropical jungle.

‘Lace Aloe’ Aloe Aristata

Another lovely rosette-shaped succulent that looks a lot like the zebra plant. Because it is a tough plant that can survive extended periods of time without harsh illumination, lace aloe is one of the finest succulents for workplaces.

Lace aloe also grows well at regular room temperatures, so you won’t have to worry about your workspace being too dry. Because this is a winter dormant succulent, you should water it sparingly. It will endure sporadic irrigation over the hot months.

The lacy aloe is an excellent desk plant since it can withstand a little neglect if you become overworked.

‘Little Warty’ Gasteria

This low-light succulent is perfect for an office setting. The broad tongue-shaped leaves come in a variety of green colors with golden ends. Little warty is a little succulent that will only reach a height of 5 inches.

They’re easy to care for, which makes them an excellent low-light succulent for offices. It demands typical succulent maintenance, such as well-draining soil and infrequent watering.

Gasteria isn’t extremely frost-resistant, so if you live in a particularly cold climate, you should keep an eye on the temperature. However, we’re confident that it will thrive as an interior office succulent.


Echeveria is one of the most popular and attractive succulents for workplaces. These lovely rosette-shaped plants are available in a variety of colors, ranging from vibrant greens to gorgeous pastel purples and pinks.

Echeveria can go without water for long periods of time and, while it likes strong light, it can also thrive in low-light environments.

With a range of Echeveria plants, you can create a magnificent succulent garden right in your office, and we guarantee your office space will appear brighter than before.


I hope you found this post about the finest succulents for workplaces to be informative and entertaining. You may now go out and begin making your office a brighter, more cheerful environment. After all, you spend a quarter of your life at work, therefore it’s critical to establish a pleasant environment that makes you happy.

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