Cactus: Can It Be Kept In The Bathroom? Pros and Cons

Putting a cactus in your bathroom is a great, low-cost way to liven up the area and make it more welcoming, whether you’re trying to add some color or make it a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the kids. Therefore, we have addressed the often-asked issue, “Can cactus be maintained in the bathroom?”

Most cacti do indeed thrive in extremely dry climates and can endure high levels of UV radiation. Some cacti, however, require watering even in the driest parts of the year. Plants like this thrive in the humid conditions of a bathroom.

But, can cactus survive in a damp environment like a bathroom? As for a definitive response, that would be species-specific. It’s been shown that some species do well in damp, low-lying areas, while others need higher, drier ground. The ones that do well in the bathroom take in all that extra humidity and use it to their advantage. Many types of cacti, including snake plants, orchids, jade plants, mistletoe, and zebra plants, thrive in humid environments like those found in bathrooms.

The humidity in the bathroom is good for more than just the plants. Precious cacti may also add a touch of greenery to an otherwise lifeless bathroom. Bathrooms may be made more attractive with cacti for less money and effort. They clean the air and make sure there’s enough of oxygen in the bathroom.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re curious about the cacti’s chances of survival in the toilet and which varieties fare best there. For more on it, keep reading this article.

Are Cactus Suitable For Bathrooms?

You should find out if your cherished cactus can tolerate the bathroom’s conditions before bringing it in. Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that cacti thrive in bright sunshine, and even species that do well in the shadow still need some exposure.

What, therefore, becomes of the lovely cactus you’ve been keeping in the dark confines of the toilet, which sometimes lacks a window?

To be fair, not all cacti are created equal, and some may thrive in shade. If you want your bathroom cactus to thrive, you’ll need to provide them with a source of artificial light that mimics natural sunlight as closely as possible.

Because they are able to draw moisture from the air, several kinds of cactus do well in damp conditions. A lot of the moisture in the air gets stored in their bodies. These cacti are well-suited to the high levels of humidity found in bathrooms and will add a touch of natural beauty to your bathroom.

To survive in dim light, the cactus has developed a variety of adaptations. But if your bathroom doesn’t receive enough natural light, you can always utilize artificial lights to offer to grow light for your bathroom cactus.

Never neglect to water your cactus, especially if you live in a humid area. Be careful to give your bathroom cactus a drink anytime the dirt appears dry. The best location to keep them is in a windowed bathroom.

The Pros of Keeping Cactus In The Bathroom

To the advantage of both you and your cactus, place it in the bathroom. In this article, we’ll go over some of the benefits you’ll reap from cultivating your cactus in the bathroom.

Get a Touch of Greenery

The bathroom is an uninspiring space that might benefit from a renovation that includes elements of nature. You don’t need any more decorations in your bathroom because your cactus plant is so eye-catching.

To decorate your bathroom with style, choose cactus in colorful pots. Make sure they are growing in optimal circumstances by drilling adequate drainage holes in the bottom of their pots to keep their stunning appearance.

Fresh Air and Oxygen

Bathrooms are often cramped and blocked off from the rest of the bathroom. There’s a good chance that this will make them wet and unpleasant. A few cactus would do wonders for the air quality there because they filter out pollutants. Cacti not only help clean the air in your bathroom, but they also produce oxygen for you and anybody else who might be there to rest.

Cacti use atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce oxygen through photosynthesis, guaranteeing that you get enough oxygen to sustain life. Planting some cactus in that cramped space is a terrific idea if you’re longing for a breath of fresh air.


You’ll be drenched in sweat and fatigued after a day of hard labor or outdoor recreation. The bathroom transforms into the best spot for a quick recharge. An invigorating soak in the tub can do wonders for your mental health, but adding some greenery to your bathroom will take it to the next level. If you want to look forward to spending time in your bathroom as a place of renewal, you can consider adding some cactus as decorative accents.

The Cons of Growing Cacti In The Bathroom

The Cactus Can Grow too Big

Growing cactus in a bathroom has its benefits, but there are also some negatives to consider. Before you start planting cactus in your bathroom, you should be aware of these potential drawbacks.

It’s Possible to Forget About Watering Them

Don’t assume that since your plants are in the bathroom, where there is plenty of humidity, they don’t require water. It’s a common misconception that plants don’t need to be watered since they can obtain what they need from the air. It’s true that plants need less water, but it doesn’t imply you can ignore them altogether.

Is it possible for the cactus to die?

Cacti are not suited to the conditions in your bathroom, and there is a good chance they will die if you keep them there. The chemicals in your shower gels, in addition to the extreme humidity, could be harmful to any plants you have in your bathroom. Some people might not enjoy the drought you’re causing if you keep the bathroom window open.

What You Need To Know About Keeping Plants In The Bathroom

Bathroom plant decor requires an appreciation of aesthetics. How they are initially placed in the bathroom will determine the answer. You may enjoy the stunning beauty of nature without leaving your bathroom thanks to the many plant display options available.

Hanging baskets near a bathroom window is the most effective and most used method. Avoid getting any water on it at all costs. A bathtub tray is another alternative for achieving an upscale feel in the bathroom. A cactus can thrive on the window sill even if there is just a small amount of light coming in from the bathroom window.

List of cactus that do well in the bathroom 

As long as they are given the care they need, there are plenty of species of cactus that can grow well in the bathroom.

Snake Plant

The name “mother-in-tongue” law’s is another name for the snake plant. There are numerous variations of this plant, making it virtually impossible to eradicate it. The plant does well in dim as well as bright lighting. As long as you select the right variety, snake plants will also do well in the bathroom.


White and yellow flowers adorn this epiphytic cactus variety. As a result of being native to the South American region, this plant is adapted to growing with low levels of direct sunshine. The plant does reasonably well in high humidity, making it an excellent candidate for the bathroom. It looks lovely when hung in baskets or terracotta pots in a powder bathroom.

Orchid Cacti

Another fantastic plant that thrives in humid settings, such as a bathroom. Having an orchid in your bathroom is a great idea because its attractive blooms will brighten up the space for months. The plant prefers bark to soil and thrives best in slightly damp conditions. Bring a variety of orchids inside the bathroom and gradually acclimate them to the filtered sunlight coming through the window.

Zebra Plant

The Zebra plant is a hardy houseplant that thrives in bright indirect light and may even be kept in a windowless space like a bathroom. If you want it to flourish, you must provide it with regular watering. The zebra plant’s golden blossoms and striped leaves are worth the effort of caring for it. It is suitable for interior use, including the bathroom.

Jade Plant

Because of its durability, the jade plant is an excellent choice for the bathroom. Easy plant maintenance is one of the plant’s many appealing qualities. In spite of their preference for warm, dry environments, jade plants can survive in a humid bathroom. Be sure to water the jade plant regularly.


There are numerous cacti species that do well in the high humidity of a bathroom. Not all cacti are suited to indoor settings, so exercise caution when introducing new varieties. Ensure your cactus have access to water and adequate sunlight for growth.

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