Is Coffee Grounds Beneficial to Christmas Cactus?

We, humans, enjoy running on coffee! Many of us would be unable to function in the mornings without it. What if I told you that humans aren’t the only ones who appreciate a nice cup of coffee? I’m sure you’ve heard the claim that coffee can actually help houseplants and succulents grow fast. We’ll be talking about the Christmas cactus (also known as Schlumbergera) today, and we’ll answer the question, “Are coffee grounds healthy for Christmas cactus?”

This post seeks to answer some of the most often asked questions we receive on the internet, such as if Christmas cactus enjoy coffee. Are coffee grounds beneficial to cacti? As well as the advantages of coffee grinds on Christmas cactus. Unlike other cacti, the Christmas cactus resembles a plant or a group of plants. Giving your Christmas cactus coffee grounds will help it blossom, but first, make sure you have the best Christmas cactus fertilizer.

The roots of the Christmas cactus may be traced back to Brazil, a tropical nation. They bloom from September to February and are popular throughout the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Do coffee grounds appeal to Christmas Cactus?

Yes. To respond quickly, placing coffee grounds on Christmas cactus is a great Christmas cactus care tip if you want to boost flowering over the holiday season. When placing coffee grounds on a Christmas cactus, though, there are a few things to keep in mind – after all, you don’t want to give it a caffeine rush! The following are the most important things to remember while watering your cacti with coffee grounds:

Don’t overwater your plants

It’s not a good idea to give your Christmas Cacti too much of anything. Begin with half a cup of leftover coffee twice a week and see how things go. Increase to a full cup if you don’t see any improvements after a week. Overwatering causes a variety of Christmas cactus issues, including wilting or drooping of the plant, root rot, and finally the loss of your cherished plant!

On a Christmas cactus, only use black coffee

You may enjoy your coffee with cream and sugar, but it does not imply that you should serve it with Christmas Cacti cream. Anything other than black coffee should not be given to your cactus. Bugs will be attracted to leftover cream and sugar, which is the last thing you want.

On Christmas cactus, use cold coffee grinds

Check to see whether your leftover coffee has sat out for a long and is cold. If you pour hot coffee on your Christmas cactus, it will scorch the roots and maybe the entire plant. This will prompt you to ask yourself, “Why isn’t my Christmas cactus blooming?” And that’s a whole blog topic you’d rather avoid at all costs.

Make certain you’re using the proper soil

Adding a single cup of coffee to your Christmas cactus will help it if you are using basic soil. If your soil is already acidic, you should avoid using coffee. To ensure you have all of the necessary information, look into the best potting soil for Christmas cactus.

If you’re growing your Christmas cactus in a container, make sure the soil is well-drained and the roots have enough room to breathe. Suffocating the roots with heavy garden soil meant to hold moisture can cause your Christmas cactus to bloom poorly or, in the worst-case situation, rot the roots and destroy the plant entirely.

Coffee grinds have a number of advantages for Christmas cactus

If you don’t know why you’re doing something, it’s pointless to spend weeks pouring cold coffee over your Christmas cactus. The biggest advantage of putting coffee grounds on a Christmas cactus is that it helps it bloom over the holiday season. It will give your cacti a boost and may be able to help resuscitate your Christmas cactus if it appears to be dying.

In addition, you must provide it with the proper natural sunshine for Christmas cactus as well as the appropriate nourishment. Even if it’s in the backyard, you should look after your houseplant and keep an eye on it on a regular basis. After all, a happy cactus is one that is healthy. Coffee grounds may also be used as a fertilizer for your plants, so if you’re a coffee user, you can save money by just using what you have on hand.

Coffee also includes considerable amounts of magnesium and potassium, two essential building blocks for plant development. The acidity of the soil may be increased by using coffee grinds on Christmas cactus. Here is the link to the source.

Are coffee grounds beneficial to cacti?

We know that Christmas cacti like coffee grounds, but what about the rest of the cacti? Yes, is the easy response. Coffee grinds may be used on nearly every cactus or succulent. The acidity of coffee is the cause behind this. I’m sure you’re thinking something along those lines. Isn’t it true that acid and plants are a no-no? That is where you are mistaken.

Most plants, cacti, and succulents thrive in slightly acidic soil, according to a helpful cactus care tip. It’s all about the pH balance, after all. Most water has an alkaline pH of approximately 8, whereas cactus prefers a pH of 5.8–7. This implies that every time you water your Christmas cactus or succulent, you are giving it a pH that is higher than it prefers. By adding coffee grounds to your water, you can restore the pH levels that your cactus craves.

If you don’t want to use coffee grounds on your Christmas cactus, you can always buy Schultz Cactus Plus 2-7-7 liquid Plant Food — this fertilizer is inexpensive and an excellent option if you want to use a commercial fertilizer instead of making your own with coffee grounds!


It’s been tried and true, both by us and by others on the internet! There are several advantages to using coffee grinds on Christmas cactus when done correctly. Several customers have reported that it has helped them revitalize their cactus and increase the frequency with which their Christmas Cactus blooms. If you’re wondering if Christmas cactus enjoys coffee grounds, know that they do.

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